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Technical Diving in Manado

Gideon TechOdyssea Divers at Cocotinos Manado Boutique Dive Resort & Spa  is the first diving facility in Manado to offer technical diving and training. You will find sheer drops to hundreds of meters at the amazing walls of Bunaken National Park and Bangka islands. Furthermore, there are many undiscovered sites for those looking for more challenging technical and exploratory diving. The resort also offers technical dive equipment and training, with dive crew and boats experienced with technical divers and their equipment.

The walls at the Bunaken National Park drop to over 800 meters, and are largely unexplored, with only rumours of big fish living beyond the recreational diving limits. The Bangka island walls drop to over 70 meters, and have deep reefs that go all the way down to the sandy bottom. The wrecks in the Lembeh Straits are also accessible a few hours’ drive away. With Manado’s traditionally calm waters and amazing visibility, this is the perfect location to experience technical diving at its best.

Come and explore the undiscovered depths of Manado and be one of the first to experience a new frontier in the blue waters of North Sulawesi.

Diving Facility

The Odyssea Divers’ crew has experience dealing with technical divers. These include dealing with scooters, mixed gas and stage-bottle handling. All the equipment that is available for rent includes 20 double-tank setups, with another 20 stage tanks available for decompression gases. Helium and Oxygen are available for use and will be made available when required.

Technical Diving Courses

Odyssea Divers offers GUE Courses organized by Living Seas in Singapore and conducted by GUE Instructors Gideon Liew and Leon Boey. Please email us if you need more information on the courses below.

GUE Fundamentals

The GUE Fundamentals course is designed to cultivate the essential skills required by all sound diving practice, irrespective of level or environment. A prerequisite for the rest of the GUE classes, save Recreational Diver level 1 course, GUE Fundamentals performs a three-fold function.

1. It provides the recreational diver, who does not desire further diver training, with an opportunity to advance basic diving skills, thereby developing more comfort, confidence, and competence in the water.
2. It provides the diver with aspirations of more advanced diver training with the tools that will contribute to a greater likelihood of success.
3. It provides non-GUE trained divers with a gateway to GUE training.

Price: USD$ 500 course fee +

USD $ 818 diving fee (2 students)
USD $ 692 diving fee (3 students)
USD $ 629 diving fee (4 students)
+ USD $ 40 for the use of double tanks during the course

Course fees listed above include all gases, tank rentals, accommodations and diving expenses.

GUE Technical Diver Level 1

GUE’s Technical Diver Level 1 (Tech 1) course is structured to prepare divers for the rigors of technical diving and to familiarize them with the use of different breathing and decompression mixtures. Tech 1 training focuses on expanding the fundamental skills learned in the GUE Fundamentals course (or elsewhere), and is designed to cultivate, integrate, and expand the essential skills required for safe technical diving. This will include problem identification and resolution, and building the capacity for progressively more challenging diving. In this class, students will be trained in: a) the use of double tanks/cylinders and in the potential failure problems associated with them; b) the use of Nitrox for accelerated and general decompression strategies; c) the use of Helium to minimize narcosis; and d) the applications of single decompression stage diving, with respect to decompression procedures.

The class will focus on Nitrox and Trimix as breathing gases for dives down to 160 feet/48 meters, and provides an excellent foundation on which divers can build their technical diving experience and prepare for GUE’s Technical Diver 2 course (Tech 2).

Price:USD$ 1500 course fee +

USD $ 1,450 diving fee (2 students)
USD $ 1,250 diving fee (3 students)

Course fees listed above include all gases, tank rentals, accommodations and diving expenses.

GUE Technical Diver Level 2

GUE’s Technical Diver 2 (Tech 2) course is the second in a series of three courses designed to develop technical diving excellence, building upon previously learned skills with a focus on extending essential technical diving skills. Tech 2 training focuses on building diving proficiency at increasing depth, using Helium diving gases with Oxygen-enriched decompression gases. These skills include: the use of multiple stages; the use of Trimix; the use of greater percentages of Helium; gas management; Oxygen management; decompression; accelerated, omitted and general decompression strategies; dive planning, and technical equipment configurations. Course participants will gain experience working with a variety of different gas mixtures for use as bottom-mix and multiple-decompression gases.

Price: USD$ 1,500 course fee +

USD $ 2,350 diving fee (2 students)
USD $ 2,050 diving fee (3 students)

Course fees listed above include all gases, tank rentals, accommodations and diving expenses.

Equipment Hire Rates

Stages (Without Gas Fill)
Rate per Day

Twin Tanks 80s Rental

USD 10

Stage 80s Rental


Stage 40s Rental


Rate per Litre

Oxygen Gas Fill

USD 0.005

Helium Gas Fill

USD 0.080

EAN32 Fill

USD 0.010