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Lembeh, North Sulawesi

Lembeh's dive sites map is deliberately not shown on our website.

Police Pier
Under the large columns of the pier, you will find waspfish, nudies, seahorses and Banggai cardinalfish. Keep an eye out also for the Orange Painted frogfish camouflaged aong the orange sponges.

Nudi Falls
This is a small vertical rock wall ending in a slope that goes down to about 27m. Scour the sand and wall for nudies especially and also for flamboyant cuttlefish, and search the gorgonian fans for pygmy seahorses. If you are lucky, the Rhinopias will make an appearance there.

This is a dive site with a large sandy area and coral blocks. This is an excellent place to look for hairy frogfish among the other usual suspects like coconut octopuses, Ambon Scorpionfish, seamoths, puffers, burrfish, shrimpfish and seahorses. An ideal spot for night dives.

Nudi Retreat
This dive site is in a little enclave. As the name implies, expect to find nudies among seamoths, soft corals and Coleman shrimp residing in fire urchins.

Kuda Laut
This site lies in a nice bay with a beautiful view of the volcano – the lava flow on the northwestern end of the bay forms a series of crater-like depressions filled with lettuce and other hard corals. On the dark sand, you can find seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipefish, sponge crabs and coconut octopuses.

Teluk Kembahu (TK)
This is the place to look for Mimic octopuses. Here you must always take a second look if you think you see a flounder, mantis shrimp, lionfish, sea snake or stingray, because it could just be a Mimic octopus!

Hair ball
A true muck site, this gentle slope is covered with black sand and algae. There are occasional patches of sponge - these are the places to look for seahorses, frogfish or the Ambon scorpion fish.

Hairball Two
Look for sea urchins with cardinal fishes, zebra crabs and large yellow and brown seahorses. Examine all debris because they could actually be sea creatures like juvenile batfish!

Aw Shucks
Close to the pearl farms in the northern part of the Lembeh Straits, this site has several species of ghost pipefish. Also look out for nudies, leaffish and octopuses.

Pantai Parigi
This site is along on Lembeh island close to huge white limestone formations. This gentle sandy slope is home to Ambon scorpionfish and frogfish These animals were hidden among the algae and some ropes that were lying on the sand. There are also quite a lot of broccoli soft corals with tiny porcelain crabs and egg cowries living on them. There are some patches of corals in the upper area of the dive site with nudibranchs and sometimes a leaffish or frogfish.