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Bangka, North Sulawesi

Bangka, North Sualwesi's dive sites map is deliberately not shown on our website.

Bangka Islands / Northern Mainland Sites
(minimum of 6 people required, 40USD surcharge per person)
Batu Gosok
2-hour, 30-minute boat ride.
Located at the northeast corner of Bangka Island, it is a pristine site with beautiful hard and soft corals and visibility frequently over 30 meters. Eagle rays, tuna and giant grouper are typically found gliding above the large table corals. The currents here make this an advanced site.

2-hour boat ride.
A beautiful pinnacle dive, with lots of soft corals. Be sure to peak underneath the table corals as you might stumble upon some sleeping baby sharks. Pontohi and Bargabanti pygmy seahorses are very common, as well as small and giant frogfish and ribbon eels. Visibility ranges from 15 to 20 meters, and the maximum depth is 45 meters. Be sure to enjoy the striking white sandy beach during your surface interval.

Batu Mandi
2-hour boat ride.
Another stunning pinnacle dive on the northern tip of the mainland, with a sloping wall filled with soft corals, large sponges, and sea fans. Nudibranchs, Spanish dancers, giant frogfish, cuttlefish, and blue-ring octopuses are regular inhabitants. The visibility usually ranges from 10 to 15 meters, but it can be a great wide-angle site if you hit it in the early morning. Also makes for a great night dive.

Paradise Jetty
2-hour boat ride.
A beautiful macro dive, with an underwater hot spring, located on the northern tip of the mainland. This is a relatively shallow dive at 15 meters, with a white sandy bottom. A great variety of critters reside here, such as frogfish, leaf scorpion fish, a variety of shrimp, snake eels, and moray eels. A mimic octopus might also be spotted.

Batu Pendeta
2-hour, 20-minute boat ride.

On the northeastern tip of the mainland , this is another pinnacle dive with nice soft corals. The extremely strong currents here make this an ‘experts only’ dive. And as you know, this means pelagics! A reef hook is definitely called for here, and one would be advised to forego the camera.