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The Dive Centre

Odyssea Divers in Cocotinos Manado and Cocotinos Sekotong (Dive & Sea Sports)are located just a few steps from the guest villa rooms. Our objective is to provide our divers with a carefree, comfortable, and safe holiday while diving some of Indonesia’s most acclaimed locations, such as the North Sulawesi's Marine Park in Bunaken, the Bangka Islands & Lembeh Strait or Lombok's West Sekotong pristine corals and pelagic.

The Low Down

From the moment you arrive, our dive team will take over the task of handling your equipment. Once you’ve unpacked and placed your gear in the personal storage bin we’ve left outside your room, we’ll bring it to the dive centre, carry it on to the boat, and set it all up. All you’ll need to do is hop on the boat, strap on your tank and giant stride into the blue. At the end of the day, we’ll rinse and hang everything to dry overnight, and then reassemble it all for the next day’s diving. If you’re an underwater photographer, we’ve trained our staff to care for your camera as if it were their own, so you can feel at ease letting them carry it onto the boat while you enjoy your breakfast, and you can be assured they will gently pass it through one of our 4 camera rinse tanks at the end of the day and carefully place it on the padded drying table equipped with 2 compressed air nozzles.

Our Day Boats

Our day boats are spacious, with a comfortably cushioned and covered seating area, and a sundeck. Fresh drinking water is always available, as well as thermoses of hot water to make tea or instant coffee to accompany the cookies we’ve brought along for you to enjoy. Each guest is provided with a fresh clean towel every day, and a cool face cloth upon returning to the dock (or a warm one after a night dive). Our 3 larger boats have a changing room and toilet. All of our boats are equipped with Emergency First Aid and DAN Oxygen kits (Jumbo Ds), as well as a VHF radios and mobile phones.

Air and Enriched Air Nitrox Station

The safety of our divers begins with air they breathe, just like the core substance of a restaurant is the food, and we take our air quality very seriously.  We do not use built in filters with the air compressors but only top of the line Lawrence Factor air filters which are used in commercial and medical facilities. We vigilantly maintain our 4 Bauer compressors and Aragon Nitrox Membrane system to keep them clean and reliable.

Our standard EANitrox Air fills are 32% and we also have facility for Technical Diving, providing Stages, Twin-Tanks, Manifolds, Oxygen and Helium Gas.

Safety and Medical Facility

Our Dive Team is trained in First Aid and In-Water Rescue procedures, and we conduct regular refresher courses to assure their knowledge remains current. All of our boats are equipped with DAN Emergency First Aid and Twin Jumbo D Oxygen kits (we have 6 kits in total), as well as VHF radios and mobile phones. We also have 2 large (40L) Medical Oxygen at the dive centre to provide additional support if required. The nearest Decompression chamber is located in Manado city and it is 60mins by car from our location.